Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, April 8 Recap

In my wildest flight of optimistic fancy, I never anticipated tonight going quite so well.  A packed house, fantastic improv, great people, very little in the way of technical errors... it was beautiful.

A not quite on time arriving pizza and a certain Thumbs UPstate Co-Director's phone blaring "Final Countdown" could not slow down Satan's Closet. The Village Idiots arrived from Rochester mere minutes before their killer set. Geneseo's Vibrant but Deadly displayed some excellent team work and group mind in their long form set, and RIT Improv brought some incredible ingenuity and original games with their short form set. Kathy's Fur Coat had their very first public performance in front of a veteran crop of improvisers, and the Pappy Parker Players demonstrated astounding polish and charisma.

The penultimate (yeah, it's 2:10 and I'm going with penultimate) set was my favorite though. Representatives from many of the participating teams played 30 scenes in 30 minutes. For the most part complete strangers, using a variety of techniques, helping each other, contributing to scenes, in many cases groping one another... it was everything improv should be. It was the rainbow mustache. The instructor's show followed and the action got violent and expansive and multi-level and meta and yours truly started to fade a little and it was glorious.

Many thanks to all who attended, participated, and volunteered. It was fun. Let's do it again tomorrow.

Attendees with photos and video... send them to We'll post them and stuff.

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