Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Special Thanks Post

A recap for Saturday night will be up tomorrow morning, but first, the thanks (the the sleep):

Dustin Czarny and Not Another Theater Company helped with all aspects of our technical needs from lighting to sound to blacking out windows to building a big wall in the middle of the stage. Dan Randall was particularly helpful with lighting.

John Czajkowski of Redhouse was essential in helping to move and paint and light things as well.

Stasya Panova, Briana Kohlbrenner, and Rachel Somerstein are the souls behind Salt City DISHES... which was a critical impetus for the festival.

Brendan Rose designed a hawt poster which we did not hang up enough of.

Mike Borden, Andy Friedson, Paul Bailey, Emily Withers, and Lou Leonardo made lights go off and music go on like they were born to do it.

Sara Blum, Jason Kohlbrenner, and Briana Kohlbrenner attended the beer and door stations with a calm professionality that was the envy of those around them.

Empire Brewing Company just for being awesome.

Peppino's delivered pizzas and reminded us all that the race goes not always to the swift.

Thanks to our workshop instructors: Paul Nellis and T.R. from Geva Comedy Improv, and Lou Leonardo, Ron Sweet, and Ken Keech from Satan's Closet.

We've lauded Northside UP and will continue to do so.  They were fantastic and instrumental to a smooth event happening. Thanks to Stasya and Dominic and most definitely Sara Caliva who had to put up with what can best be described as shenanigans.

And thank you to Satan's Closet, Villiage Idiots Improv Comedy, Vibrant But Deadly, RIT Improv, Kathy's Fur Coat, the Pappy Parker Players, Wit & Will, Phil in the Blank, Oregon Fail, Search Engine Improv, Dinosaur Society, Beyond Outside the Realm of Destiny, and Don't Feed the Actors for traveling anywhere from several to hundreds of miles to come to our little shindig.

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