Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thumbs UP Profile - Satan's Closet

Listen... it's Thursday, April 7. Ken Keech of Satan's Closet and I are co-directors of the festival and we didn't have time for an email interview so we did it over the phone while I folded programs and munched on pretzel chips and Ken prepared his wardrobe for tomorrow. This is a transcript of what I remember thinking while Ken was talking.

Q: Where'd Satan's Closet come from?
Amalgamation two groups. Lazlo's Closet Satan's Lemonade. Worst parts of each, kind of awesome.

Q: Why Satan's Closet different?
We did Mallprov, inspiration from stores and scenery in Shoppingtown Mall. Hurricane Simulator. Mechanical car ride. Gentleman murderers. Potted plants.

Q: Who in?
Lou, Steve, Hanna(h?), Jeff White, Andrea, Kayleen, Ron Paul (!), Aaron, me, Robert, you

Q: What's special about improv?
Community, create something, capture human nature and surroundings, agreement and support and make it a better world. Also, pretty.  Transcends traditional comedy because you get more than a laugh, you get a palpable roar of applause.

Q: Who do you hate the most?
No one.  We love everyone.  Kind of a weird question, Mike.

Q: Your wife (Thumbs UPstate Co-Director Vanessa) is locally famous for dressing as a lobster and posing for local press. What's up with that?
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Satan's Closet is kicking off the Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival on Friday, April 8 at 7pm. Ken wants you to know he's leading workshops on Saturday morning. You should like Satan's Closet on Facebook.

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