Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Planned Pandahood

Geneseo's Planned Pandahood received honorable mention for cutest team name.

1) What makes your team unique?
Our whimsy coupled with our disproportionately high number of scenes about black tar heroin.

2) Do you know what games / forms you plan on doing for the festival?
We’ll be doing a La Ronde. Maybe it will be modified, maybe it won’t. Who knows? We WON’T be tamed.

3) How long has your team been working together?
We formed in late 2011. For those keeping score, we used to be called Anti-SemANtic Panda, but the confusion was too much for most people and we just ended up seeming racist.

4) What life lessons do you think there are to be learned from improv?
We’ve learned way too much to fit into this little bio, so here’s a sampling:

Grammar jokes never go over well
Everything is better when there are other people to share it with.
Reality is as you create it.
No matter what happens, you’ll be able to work with it.
We’re so good at bullshitting now!
The only way for seven year olds to build character is to shoot their own rabid pets. (This one might not be true.[No, it’s true.])

Planned Pandahood, from Geneseo, kicks off the festivities on Saturday night, April 6.

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