Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thumps Up State Snowdown

Your intrepid Thumbs Up State organizers took to the frozen tundra of Lipe Art Park in Syracuse to promote the 2011 festival with a giant, frozen Thumbs Up at the 40 Below Public Arts Task Force's Upstate Snowdown.  Seen here first as a sort of Proto Thumb and with temperatures rapidly dropping, your organizers / amateur snow sculptors began to feel that maybe abstract was a valid promotional stratagem.
Reinforcements arrived bringing with them fresh new ideas.  Notably "fingers" and "wrist."
The final Thumbs Up began to take shape (just before my camera died).  Note the not roundness of the hand... the almost anatomically correct knucleosity going on.  Also note the manicure.
The finished product.  From left to right that's Ken, Stephen, Kayleen, Joe and Mike.
And that's Vanessa.  She dressed up like a lobster.

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