Friday, March 15, 2013

Mary Tyler Mortality

Mary Tyler Mortality made their debut at the Syracuse Improv Collective Bank Show in January. They return, triumphantly, to the Festival in April.

What makes your team unique?
We're just two best friends who like to play pretend on stage sometimes.

Do you know what games / forms you plan on doing for the festival?It's been described (by us) as "free form" or "armando on chill pills" but when it comes down to it we kind of just end up doing whatever works for the set.

How long has your team been working together?Depends on what you mean. Andrea-and-Robert-doing-improv has been a thing since 2006, but Mary Tyler Mortality was born in late 2012.

What life lessons do you think there are to be learned from improv?Everyone gets something different out of improv, which is what makes it awesome. Andrea has learned that you can't do anything great if you don't trust yourself and the people around you. Robert's major life lesson is to always let things play out and relish every moment.

Mary Tyler Mortality will perform Friday, April 5 at the Thumbs UPstate Improv FestivalLike them on Facebook.

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