Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gentlemen, to Bed!

This is the part of an increasingly interminable series highlighting the improv teams performing in the 2013 Festival. Keep checking here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn all about our intrepid performers.

What makes your team unique?
We have no problem with sleeping with each other. Any time, any bed. And 1/3 of our group is a published author (Jeremy DeBottis, "One More").

Do you know what games / forms you plan on doing for the festival?
We will be performing a form called Twitterprov, in which we have the audience pick a trending topic on Twitter and then randomly choose a tweet from that topic. We then make up a story based off of that tweet.

How long has your team been working together?
We've been improvising together since June 2012, but our spirits have been intertwined since the dawn of time.

What life lessons do you think there are to be learned from improv?
Relationships matter, and the best way to respect a person is to really listen to them and internalize what they are saying instead of just waiting for your turn to talk.

Gentlemen, to Bed! will perform on Friday, April 5 at the Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival. Like them on Facebook. Gentlemen, to Bed! is a member of the Syracuse Improv Collective

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