Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's Next?

Thumbs UPstate Improv has no intention of going gently in to hibernation, following what we shall officially refer to as "an unmitigated success" of an inaugural festival. We will continue to be a central repository for collaboration between upstate improv groups, venues and potential audience.

You may have noticed on the blog that an events calendar has replaced the festival info block. To add an item to the events calendar, just email thumbsupstate@gmail.com with the subject line upstateimprovevent in the subject. Include date, time, place, and descriptions including what groups are performing. The calendar will display the next ten upcoming events. If we happen to see events in our travels, we will add them, but the only way to be sure is to email us.

If you have a special event that involves multiple teams, or you're trying something new, or you're offering workshops, let us know that as well.  We'll link to your site, post it on the blog, share it on facebook.

In improv, the other members of your team all put in effort to make you look good, and the entire team benefits. The same principle applies here. If we all put in the effort to form a community, we all benefit.

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