Monday, April 11, 2011

Thumbs UP Profile - Vibrant But Deadly

You thought these were done? You were wrong! They were almost done. Meet Geneseo's long form group Vibrant but Deadly.

Q: Your group description on our little info sheet says you haven't been around long. How long have you been around? And why did you get together?
Vibrant But Deadly has existed since last semester.  We formed the group after we realized that Geneseo didn’t have a football team. For real though, we just wanted a chance to do more improv with each other, and also to branch out into long form.

Q: My sisters went to Geneseo. Is Buzzos still there? Do they still call that field the Tundra? Any thing else we should know about Geneseo?
Yup, it’s still there. Buzzo is alive and kicking and as much of a drug-addled Santa Claus as he’s ever been. He’s also in love with our friend and fellow improviser, Hannah. The tundra is still there and still awful.  During the winter months (and the beginning of spring apparently) the entire campus is turned into the equivalent of the planet Hoth from Star Wars.

Q: You'll be performing some long form... any favorite forms your team enjoys?
27B-6, 1040, and any form submitted with the new coversheets for the TPS reports. (We like Harold and La Ronde, and we’re working to create our own new style!)

Q: What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you? On stage. I'm not your very blunt therapist.
One time, after a scene was over and Rachel was in the midst of editing it, she made a comment about how the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” gender stereotype that was demonstrated in the scene was bad, because her inner feminist conscience was berating her, but then apparently people thought she was trying to make it part of the scene and now we won’t ever let her forget it. Another time, Sean was pretending to be a mouse caught in a trap, and he hit his head on the floor and ended up in the hospital that night with a concussion.

Q: If we go through with the "Thumbs UPstate Improv Rumble," what weapons will you bring? And how Deadly are you?
We’ll come at you with our finger snapping and ballet fighting, and then pierce you with our razor sharp wit. Don’t be fooled by our vibrancy. We’re quite deadly. Like, psycho-vengeful-ex-girlfriend deadly.

Photo Courtesy of Kyle O'Neil

Vibrant but Deadly performed on Friday, April 8 at the Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival. They were awesome. None were injured during the festival, but one of their members is totally a witch and should be burned. 


  1. Who are we going to believe? The person who emailed us or the dude with the head injury?